About Us

For over more than 35 years, Travel Direct Group has been the largest Quebec network of independent travel agencies, bringing together over 100 travel agencies in Quebec and 2,850 travel advisers.

At Voyages en Direct, we believe that people supported by technology will always be stronger than technology alone to create memorable travel experiences.

Our mission is to protect the interests of travel agents in the industry by giving them cutting edge technology tools so that they are always ahead of their customers and the competition.

We have valued the uniqueness of travel agents and their customers by relying on our 4 essential pillars:

  1. Supplier negotiations to offer the best in class agreements and commissions to our travel advisors
  2. Training and education on our one of a kind learning portal aimed at professional and personal development programs
  3. Marketing with full support for communication-marketing activities so that advisers just focus on the essentials: advice and sales
  4. Technology by internally developing state of the art proprietary technology solutions specifically designed to serve the needs of today's travel counselors. 

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