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Becoming a member of the Travel Direct Group network means that you remain independent in your business decisions while joining a human-sized network in order to benefit from the strength of a group that has been recognized for over 35 years to excel in supporting the growth of travel agencies. Accessibility, proximity, flexibility, agility ... These words will highlight YOUR experience with US. It is a bit like taking the pros without the cons. With us, you will feel supported to defend YOUR interests.

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As over 100 travel agencies and 2,850 travel advisors have already done, trust us to take you to new heights. Here is what we offer you:

  • More revenues through negotiating of agreements with our many preferred partners to ensure you the best commission rates
  • More training with a program made-to-measure for you and your consultants that will set you apart from competition by your knowledge, and assist you in your efforts to develop your sales force
  • More visibility through state-of-the-art and unique marketing tools generating numerous references to the agency and the consultants
  • More opportunities through innovative technology tools to support the growth of your point of sale, even in markets considered as being specialty, while helping you in your daily work
  • More personalized support through our dedicated team committed to meeting your expectations

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